5 Killer must have’s [small business] by Profits Tax Consultants

Starting a small business is one of the toughest things you will do in your life, so its important that you are equipped with the best tools on the market to make it as easy as possible. The following are the tools you must have when starting a small business:

  1. Lead management system, or better known as CRM. It is critical to have a practical lead management system in place. Many small businesses spend thousand’s of £££ not to mention the time investment in tracking down their first few potential clients but when they are rejected they quickly move on to the next potential and never actually keep in touch with their initial leads.

Note, that it can take weeks, months or even years to build professional trust with some clients before actually closing any form of business, therefore it is vital to stay in touch with ALL clients in the past and this can be done cost effectively from the start if a good CRM is employed.

Here are a few suggestions:

There are many more out there and you should feel free to trial each one before reaching a decision. Important: Make sure that you are happy with the Email Integration options with whichever CRM you choose. It should be easy for you to send mass emails to the database.

  1. Good smartphone with ample data package. It maybe normal for teenagers to have the latest phone but it should be mandatory for an entrepreneur.

Imagine travelling to a meeting in the City on a train and finishing late, you are travelling back around 5pm and a new client wants to have a final chat regarding the proposal you just sent and then – shock – your phone beeps it’s ‘low battery’ indicator and its all apologies thereafter.

Try your best to take a new phone and ideally one with a good data package as google maps can really help when navigating around the city looking for that new meeting point.

  1. Email on the GO and all other business things mobile. Did you know that Microsoft recently made all their MS Apps available free to download to mobile platforms. Although we do need to take a break from work it is important to be able to access critical applications on the go if the need arises. I would recommend that you at least have your business email app, linkedin and whatsapp.
  2. Dropbox or Box for data in the cloud storage. Its important to keep all your files safe from thieves and yes if they steal your laptop or you drop it then at least your data is secure. 6 months of work is priceless to you compared to your laptop. So make sure you get into a good habit of working from the cloud and storing all your files straight to the cloud.
  3. Cloud Accountant. Profits Tax Consultants are committed to providing all accounting services through Xero Cloud Accounting Software. Getting to grips with the Profit and Loss is very important to start-ups and leaving it to an accountant who will produce your accounts after 15months at the earliest is just suicide. Cloud accountants like us help our clients produce monthly management reports through real-time accounting solutions like Xero which offer invoicing and payment integrations. Visit us on profitsplus.ae to learn more about of cost effective vat accounting packages.

In my opinion these are very important and critical items for entrepreneurs. Please feel free to share your suggestions.