Profits Plus accountants provides an unmatchable Vat Accountant service to the business owners of Dubai. We are one of the oldest accounting firms in Dubai which cater to all segments of business: industries, trade and services. We have a dedicated bunch of professionals who are experienced in accounts, financial managements, financial reports, MIS, internal audits, financial audits, value added tax (VAT), UAE Excise tax etc.

Our area of accounting related to the adoption of VAT in UAE is briefed below:

  • Assisting in preparation of VAT Invoices specifically designed for sale of VAT eligible teams or products
  • Helps the client to install proper accounting software that can segregate VAT sales and tax calculation
  • Preparing tax calculation
  • Managing/Supervising your account books
  • Charging VAT on products at the correct rate
  • Assist in calculating net tax payable to the government department
  • Help to calculate VAT deductibles on purchases
  • Calculating output VAT as export from GCC countries and the rest
  • Calculating input VAT as export to GCC and the rest countries
  • Maintenance of documentations relevant to VAT process. (Invoices, records, accounts, bills, VAT return, etc.)
  • Calculating refund claims for VAT
  • Filing quarterly VAT returns with Authorities
  • Advising the client regards VAT law compliance, VAT registration, filing of return, etc
  • Assisting remittance of net VAT amount to Authorities

So acquire our services if you’re an anxious business owner out on the hunt for a accounting firm in Dubai.