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Accounting software have revolutionised the world of bookkeeping. Traditional bookkeeping methods are rapidly being replaced by accounting software all across the world – and Dubai is no exception to this rule. In fact, most businesses in Dubai are now embracing accounting software because they have various advantages to offer.

At Profits Plus, we are passionate about using innovative means to simplify accounting for you and your employees. That’s why we use Xero, the best cloud accounting software in Dubai, to cut down your costs and offer optimal value to you.

What’s Xero Accounting Software?

Xero accounting software  is one of the most revolutionary innovations in accounting. Xero is an online accounting software that allow companies to run their bookkeeping on the cloud without the need to download software and pay for expensive upfront licenses or installation charges.

Why is Xero the Best Accounting Software in Dubai?

Xero’s multiple features make accounting a breeze. It is one of the best accounting software in Dubai because of its versatility and unique features. Here’s what Xero accounting software can do for you:

Minimise paperwork: Xero’s advanced features allow you to reduce paperwork and save time. No need to download and print invoices each time as Xero stores your Invoices online.

Make bookkeeping simple: You do not need technical personnel to run this software. Its user-friendly interface and simple layout make it easy-to-use.

Go Mobile: Xero also has a mobile app you can use to work remotely and access your financial records on the go.

Integrate: Xero can be integrated with over 800+ business applications so it is super compatible.

Protect your data: Xero offers fortified security for your business data. No need to worry about data leaks and confidentiality.

About Profits Plus Accountants:

Profits Plus Accountants are a ‘Silver Partner’ with Xero Cloud Accounting. We were one of the first accounting firms in Dubai  to embrace cloud accounting. Since we are a 100% cloud-based, we engage with all our clients through Xero Cloud Accounting software. This approach has earned us the title of ‘No.1 Xero Cloud Accounting Partner in UAE’.

Presently, 95% of our clients are taking advantage of the free subscription offered to Xero Cloud Accounting software available exclusively through Profits Plus Accountants.

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