Business Setup in UAE

UAE, one of the thriving trade hubs of the Middle East, is emerging as a popular and attractive destination for investors all over the world – and for a good reason; over the past few decades, the UAE government has been working on liberalising the economy and simplifying business setup processes in the UAE – but if you’re forming a company for the first time in the UAE, its very likely that you will have to rely on the professional services of a business setup company in Dubai.

Business setup consultants in Dubai  can assist you with the paperwork and protocols involved in setting up a new company in Dubai or the rest of the UAE. They can also offer valuable advice regarding where you should set up your company and help you create a cost-effective business setup plan that’s suited to the nature, size and operations of your business.

There are many accounting and bookkeeping companies in Dubai  that offer business setup consultancy to aspiring businessowners – but you should keep your core requirements in mind before selecting a business setup company for your venture. Only experienced and professional business setup consultants with a vast network can properly aid and assist you with company formation in the UAE.

Looking for Dubai-based business setup consultants? Profits Plus Accountants is here to help. Profits Plus Accountants is a top-rated business setup company in Dubai that specialises in offering VAT accounting services. We also have years of experience in helping people establish and grow their businesses.

At Profits Plus Accountants, we know how time-consuming and complication business setup procedures are in the UAE. That’s why we do everything in our power to help you find the right solution.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Help You Pick the Right Jurisdiction:

Are you looking to setup a company in Dubai or within one of the Freezones in the UAE? Maybe you need an offshore entity to protect your assets. With over 40 freezones in the UAE how can you ever make the right decision on which zone to select? Our experts can help you!

  • Provide Expertly Advise:

There are many business setup companies in Dubai that claim to be experts in setting up offshore and freezones companies around the UAE but not many of them provide the level of service expected from professionals today. We strongly recommend that you properly evaluate your options. Begin by reviewing their application form and feel free to politely inquire about their experience.

  • Conduct a Concise Cost-Benefit Analysis

When it comes to business setup in Dubai, there are no standard solutions. The strategies that may work perfectly for one business may not work so well with another. That’s why its really crucial to weigh out your benefits against your risks and make an informed decision. We can help you weigh out the pros and cons of setting up your company in Dubai DED or Freezones.