Company Incorporation in Dubai

Company incorporation in Dubai in 2018 is a relatively straight forward process. In the past incorporating a company it would have taken much longer than it takes today and the process was much more complicated with the need to visit several departments.

Using the right agent is important, just like any service provider you need one that is honest, prompt and experienced in the field.

Profits Tax Consultants

We can help you with your company incorporation in Dubai and our process starts by firstly understanding our clients requirement and then suggesting the right solution. There are many freezones and mainland entities, such as Dubai Economy, and the toughest decision is where to incorporate.

Selecting the right partner

Most agents focus on the same points selling points, such as ease of setup and the time taken to incorporate. We do not suggest you focus on these points as the decisive factors. The second problem is that they will be promoting the freezones that they are partnered with.  It is not possible for any agent to partner with all 40 freezones and offer local company setup services.

The benefit of incorporating a company through Profits Tax Consultants is that we work with selected agents who in turn work with the most prominent freezones.

The key factor when selecting the perfect jurisdiction to incorporate your company in Dubai or UAE you must take a 2-3-year view and avoid taking the cheapest option as when expanding your company or requirements you could face costly expenses such as the need for a dedicated office for example.

Local Setup in Dubai

You may also consider incorporating a company in Dubai (with the DED) as opposed to Freezones in the UAE and we offer this solution to our clients by working with established local PRO Agents that work with Dubai Economy and local sponsors to incorporate a company in Dubai.

Residence Visa

The process varies based on which freezone in UAE you select and also differs for local companies. One process that is standard is the process of obtaining a residence visa. Forming a company entitles the founder to one or two residence visas and this can be obtained in some freezones without the need for a dedicated office, although you may be required to take a virtual or shared office space.

VAT in Dubai

Setting up a company should not be taken lightly as there is now 5% VAT in Dubai and as such the FTA have published Federal Decree Law No.8 2017 that requires companies in certain jurisdictions to maintain accounting books and register for VAT or seek exemption from VAT.

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