Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s/Manuals)


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is a document specifically written to enlist instructions. A compete step by step guide to fulfil a job task. The ultimate guide that directs you towards choosing the right approach to handle a specific situation at workplace.

Standard operating procedures are specified to highlight the work processes that are meant to be repeated on regular basis or instructions that the employees are bound to follow within an organization. SOPs are beneficial for reduction of imbalance by promoting work quality through constant application of the procedures within an organization, whilst any personal changes that might be temporary or permanent.

Advantages of Standard Operating Procedures

  • Standard operating procedures limit the training process for the new employees by decreasing the learning period time, to save the extra time and energy required for training of new employees.
  • SOPs ensure that a standardized process is being followed throughout.
  • Standard operating procedures make task-delegation convenient.
  • Standard operating procedures also help in ensuring that clients are getting an inimitable experience that is second to none.
  • SOPs guarantee business progression even in absence of key staff member.

How Profits Plus will help you:

Profits Plus Accountants work to meet your needs by providing counselling services to guide you in developing standard operating procedures and manuals for each financial statement areas by creating processes and procedures through designing manuals like payroll, HR, sales, purchases. To keep a track of everyday expenses we also help with establishing practices and policies to help you with monitoring purposes. We also provide guidance for initiating internal laws for staff training. SOPs help in ensuring that every process is completed on time and nothing is left undone; to minimize variability and maximize quality. SOPs are favourable in making any organization more system dependent than people dependent.