UAE Vat Registration Online

VAT registration is compulsory for businesses that cross the minimum threshold set by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), UAE. Not being able to comply with rules issued by the FTA, UAE can have serious consequences for a business. Not registering for VAT despite meeting the VAT criteria can cause disruption, loss of reputation and hefty penalties.

That’s why most business prefer hiring services of accounting firms in Dubai. Hiring an established VAT accounting firm to handle your VAT-related books can help you in many ways. VAT accountants  are experts in the field of VAT accounting. They have the right knowledge and experience to handle all the relevant procedures, paperwork, bookkeeping processes and negotiations.

Read the following information to familiarise yourself with VAT registration, how it works and VAT exemptions. Once you educate yourself about the basics of VAT accounting, you can begin looking up professional and established accounting firms to assist you with VAT rules in the UAE.

When do I want to register for VAT?

You need to register for VAT immediately if you meet the criteria stated below:

  • Your turnover was once greater than AED 375,000 in the final 12 months
  • Or you anticipate that your turnover will be greater than AED 375,000 in the subsequent 30 days.

If you meet the following criteria, then you can register for VAT on a voluntary basis:

  • Either your turnover or charges (which will be difficult to VAT) are more than AED 187,500 in the ultimate 12 months
  • Or you assume that either your turnover or prices (which will be a challenge to VAT) will be extra than AED 187,500 in the subsequent 30 days.

VAT Exemption:

If you have an alternate license in the UAE (LLC or Freezone) and do not function in Dubai and obtain all profits from outside UAE, then you may qualify for exemption from VAT, but you still need to receive a confirmation from the FTA.

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