Cash flow management / Cash flow Projection


Profits Plus’s cash flow management accounting service focuses on predicting company’s future financial position. It has core value in financial management planning of a company. Managing cash flow ensures that a company or business is generating enough cash to fulfil all it’s necessary obligations. Following are the advantages of setting up cash flow management:

  • Covenant forecasting and half/ full year reporting visibility
  • Interest and debt reduction.
  • Short term liquidity planning.
  • Long Term Planning/ Budgeting Purposes

The best strategy for enhancement of any business is setting up cash flow management. Cash flow basically is the amount of cash or noncash that travels into and out of your business or company. Cash flow management tools & techniques help you make sure that your company is earning more money than it is spending, if it goes vice versa the business or company will have to face negative consequences.

Following steps are meant to be followed for setting up cash flow management:

  • Calculating the cash flow by noting the cash available at the beginning and end of any specific period.
  • Cash flow analysis needs to be performed on daily basis, so you can timely sort out your cashflow issues.
  • To maintain sufficient cash flow for the business, you need to develop applicable strategies.
  • Forecasting revenue is important for a growing business.
  • Forecasting expenses involves enlisting fixed or recurring transactions that need to be made.
  • Consider your payables.
  • Creating a suitable strategy is the final step. Reconsider all the above steps to make sure that the strategy developed is helpful for the growth of your business. Profits plus’s expert accountants are always available at your service for assistance.