Our Services

Part-time CFO services is a growing service and we are proud to be the leading provider of CFO services to SME’s in Dubai. Our CFO services  are very flexible and grow with your business needs. Our CFO’s have worked in the big 4 leading accountancy firms.
Accountants in Dubai are now required to make sure that their clients adhere to FTA requirements and maintain their business records as per their regulations. Failure to do so will result in AED 10,000 fine first time and AED 50,000 fine if repeated.
Setting up a business in the UAE can be very complicated and time consuming. Maybe you need an offshore entity to protect your assets, or a Freezone entity to import and export, either way Profits Consultants can help you find the right solution.
Management accounting helps management get a better understanding of their business. We create solid systems and processes to help you manage your business better. We provide internal audits of sales, marketing, payments and invoicing.

Standard Operating Procedures is a document specifically written to enlist instructions. A compete step by step guide to fulfil a job task. The ultimate guide that directs you towards choosing the right approach to handle a specific situation at workplace.


Business Process Improvement

One of the management methodologies widely exercised by enterprise leaders is the business process improvement (BPI). BPI specifically designed profits plus accountants to analyse business procedures that may affect the accuracy and effectiveness of the strategies already in use.


Accounting software solutions

Accounting is the process of keeping a record of monetary matters of any necessary process or activity. It is a practice essential for keeping a cautious check on all the financial activities of an organization, business, a targeted program or more. Profits plus’s extensive accounting services aim at providing accounting requirements including payroll processing for companies or organizations that wish to outsource their accounting function. With our highly qualified and skilled team of accountants always available at your service,


Financial Statement Analysis

One of the most important steps in business decision making is the financial statement analysis. This process involves reviewing financial statements with the help of analytical or financial tools. It is a technique used by investors and creditors to analyse financial statements, it helps them in realizing which business is beneficial enough for investments and loans. Reviewing financial reports to attain an understanding of the organization’s financial situation through facts and figures. Financial statement analysis involves identification of following items


Internal Audit

Accountants at Profits plus mainly focus on providing assurance and consultant service through internal audit to help your organization in achieving it’s ultimate goal to. To measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the procedures and policies adopted by an organization internal audit plays a vital role in examining the effect of these plans on the business. Internal audit helps in evaluating and resolving the risk factors so the business can grow to achieve it’s ultimate goals and objective without difficulty.


Cash flow management

Profits plus’s cash flow management service focuses on predicting company’s future financial position. It has core value in financial management planning of a company. The main goal of cash flow management is to ensure that a company or business is generating enough cash to fulfil all it’s necessary obligations. Being a pro in cash flow management is one greatest thing for your business. Following are the advantages of setting up cash flow management: