Cheapest Way To Pay VAT In The UAE [FACT]

How to pay the FTA your VAT

In this article, we discuss the methods of paying your VAT liability to the FTA:

  1. Paying via e-Dirham or credit card through the FTA Portal. Log in and pay via e-dirham or Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard). This option is simple, quick and for those last-minute payments probably the best option. A payment using an e-Dirham card will typically incur a charge of AED 3, while a payment using a credit card will typically incur a charge between 2% – 3% of the total payment amount.
  2. Paying via Bank Transfer (GIBAN) – Local Transfer. A GIBAN is a unique IBAN number that is given to every taxable person and should be displayed on your FTA Portal. Once you get your GIBAN you can then proceed to make a normal local bank transfer via your bank and add the FTA as a beneficiary using the GIBAN number and FTA Details. Please note this option can take up to 24hrs to appear in your account. In case you made the transfer to the wrong GIBAN, it is not the FTA’s responsibility to receive/ follow up on the payment and therefore, you are required to contact your bank and fix the matter. In case a payment is not received on time, a penalty of late payment will apply.
  3. Exchanges (UAE Exchange or Al-Ansari Exchange). It is now possible to make a payment to the FTA through a number of exchanges in Dubai. You will require the following information:
  • TRN No
  • GIBAN Number
  • Amount Payable
  • And take some ID (always handy)

This is the cheapest way to pay your VAT to the FTA but make sure to do it 2-3 days before the deadline.

REMEMBER: In case a payment is not received on time, a penalty of late payment will apply. In order for the payment to be credited to your account by the 28th you should make the payment before by the 25th of the month (at the latest). 

For help on submitting your VAT Return, Profits Accounting and Bookkeeping offer a vat submission-only service. Visit our website on tax consultant in Dubai. It is possible that this information is out-of-date and you should confirm the facts by visiting the FTA Payment User Guide by clicking FTA Portal.