4 Quick Facts About Registering for VAT in the UAE

THE TRUTH About VAT in the UAE

Registering for VAT in Dubai should not be taken gently and certainly now not regarded section of the process of operating in Dubai, you only need to register if you qualify or if you exceed a threshold. Failing to adhere to the Federal Tax Authorities in Dubai is a serious offense and can incur heavy penalties. Below are 7 records that you have to recognize earlier than registering for VAT in Dubai.

Individual Responsibility

When you register for VAT you are registering the character that is running a business, no longer the enterprise itself. Ultimately it is the character who will be accountable the vat and the duties that come with registering for VAT with the FTA. This duty ought to not be taken lightly and it is eventually linked returned to your Emirates ID.

A character can solely preserve one TRN for VAT purposes at any one time. It is your accountability to make sure that reproduction functions are not submitted.

When do I want to register for VAT?

There is no want to register for VAT with the FTA when beginning your change license. There is so a good deal incorrect advice on this matter. The principles requirements of VAT are constant and consequently, it is no longer a desire to register when setting up a company.

Mandatory Registration – if you meet the following criteria then you must register immediately:

  • Your turnover was once greater than AED 375,000 in the final 12 months; or
  • You anticipate that your turnover will be greater than AED 375,000 in the subsequent 30 days.

Voluntary Registration – if you meet the following criteria then it is your preference alternatively your next 12 months will play a vital element on whether you have to register voluntarily or not:

  • Either your turnover or charges (which will be difficult to VAT) have been extra than AED 187,500 in the ultimate 12 months; or
  • You assume that either your turnover or prices (which will be a challenge to VAT) will be extra than AED 187,500 in the subsequent 30 days.

Exemption from VAT

If you have an alternate license in the UAE (LLC or Freezone) and do not function in Dubai and obtain all profits from outside UAE, then you may qualify for exemption from VAT, but you nevertheless MUST practice for this through the FTA. Banks will request this and may also hold repayments as a result. This is also regarded as zero-rated supplies.

Branches are not separate felony entities

Only the entity of which they are branches practice for registration where that entity meets the applicable criteria. Even if you are running by using branches in extra than one Emirate, only one VAT registration is required.